Building a fanbase can be a HUGE CHALLENGE for newcomer artists

Building a successful career requires you to get good at many skills such as…

Branding & Vision

With an unclear branding, you will have no chance competing against artists with a clear vision and direction. This basic stage is the single most important part in an artist career.

Social Media

It’s not as simples as just posting pictures. Your content needs to be appealing to your audience AND work in the algorithm. Most people waste a huge amount of time posting content, that doesn’t work.

Release Strategy

Your track is done. Now what? Failing to have a proper release strategy in place will ultimately result in an underperforming release and a missed opportunity to start building hype.

Spotify Algorithm

Tied closely together to a release, but being a world on it’s own is understanding how the Spotify Algorithm works. Growth hacking Spotify is possible with the right actions set in motion.

Paid Ads

There is no way around social ads in the music industry of the 21st century. Yet running ads the wrong way equals burning money. Doing it right however unfolds a huge potential.


Getting booked is the number one income stream for most newcomer artists. In addition fan conversion and content creation is tied closely to playing shows. With the right knowledge everyone can get gigs.


How does one get featured in blogs and magazines? Luck is not the answer. Understanding the PR game will increase your reach and may help you to get discovered by an A&R of your favorite label.

How to run a label

Speaking of A&Rs. For some artists running their own label is the path to success. It has never been easier to set up your own label and to start releasing your own and other artists music.


The path to success is a steep and rocky one. Having the right mindset in place for the day to day motivation is key on this marathon. Only the most driven artists will succeed.


Some of the clients we are most proud of:

The newcomer artist training

100+ Video lessons

Weekly Q&A Sessions

Real Life Case Studies

Copy / Paste Templates

Active Member Community

Music Release To-Do-List

The Newcomer Artist Training covers everything you need to build your own successful career in music. Once you know how, nothing stops you from touring around the globe.

Watch as we take you through the entire process from start-to-finish. We’ll take you from the initial brand building through to successful releases and large scale bookings.

The best part? You get to bypass the usual pitfalls and mistakes most newcomers make as they start to build out their career. Just watch what we do and imitate. Step-by-step, release by release.


With our in-depth, over the shoulder video lessons







Broken element - from disorganized producer to mainstage festival bookings

“Hi, my name is Joel, I'm a German Hardstyle DJ and Producer. Before I got in touch with Voltage Circus, my life as an artist was pretty chaotic. Managing emails, doing promotions, getting in touch with new people, connecting and even doing the producing part that was really overwhelming. Since I work with Voltage Circus, they completely changed my way of working and I can finally focus on making music again. I would say since starting to work with Voltage Circus, my career is now on a whole new level and I love that!”

Watch us build ad campaigns that work


Unlike other courses, we actually show you how it's done by BUILDING real, live ad campaigns using the exact steps we implement for our gold & platinum winning artists.

We strive to be as actionable as possible throughout the training. You'll see us do real work, building real ad campaigns. Not only boring PowerPoint presentations (Ughh, no thanks’).

Instead, we recorded EVERY step of the process so you can follow along and implement everything we do. As we do it. Seriously, it doesn't get any more practical than this.

And if you happen to run into problems, you can always reach out to our staff in our weekly live calls and we will help you one on one.


“Are you an artist struggling in the music industry? Voltage Circus Academy is your opportunity to get the knowledge you need to become a full-time artist. I would really recommend this course if you are an upcoming artist, who wants to go on to the next step in your career. Before I started the course, I couldn’t get any bookings. My Instagram account didn’t look so well. Also, I couldn’t get any releases on labels. 
My E-Mails don’t get ignored anymore and now I am in contact with important bookers. It definitely helps to connect with other DJs. And getting connections with people who have been in the industry for many years. This is a really professional course and I’m really thankful for it. Thank you Voltage Circus Academy."

Get your questions answered


When you enroll in the Artist Management & Marketing Training today. you'll get unrestricted access to four weekly live calls with our experts as well as access to the private Facebook artist group, where you can ask questions or show us your music for feedback.

After talking with our current students and gathering feedback, the live calls are consistently rated as one of the best most VALUABLE parts of the course.

This gives you a way to talk to, share with and learn from other people going through the system PLUS, you have direct communication with the music professionals who teach in this course.

We are in there every day answering your questions, helping members and encouraging you to accelerate your career.

It's also a place to ENGAGE with hundreds of other artists who're actively pushing their career to the next level. It's not just a Facebook group. It's a support system on steroids.

It has never been easier for newcomer artists to break through.

With the internet pushing back the gatekeepers such as major labels more and more, global success has become accessible to many more individuals
Over are the times where you need to know the right people and have to live in one of the music hotspots from the get go
Yes, the entry barrier is still high in 2022. No doubt about it. But the truth is, very few artist actually have the complete knowledge it takes to push their career to the next level.

If you’re reading this now, you already have an unfair advantage. You have a chance to leapfrog 99% of other artists in your genre and build something that will pay dividends for years to come.

I’m talking about the ability to make a living as an artist. Imagine if you could finally quit your day job and start touring around the world playing to hundreds or thousands of people.

We’ve barely even scratched the surface of what’s possible in the music industry with an extensive knowledge music / artist marketing knowledge. Though we do know that it’s those who take action today who will be in a position to capitalize on this (still very much untapped) opportunity.

    Keep our support for full 12 months


    Breaking through as an artist is a marathon, not a sprint. We are fully aware, that building your career takes several years. 

    That’s why we give you 12 months access to our course, live calls and Facebook group. We want you to be able to come back to our videos even months later and profit from them. 

    On top of that we’re updating our course with content, when we discover new hacks or so changes in trends. Especially on Social Media several months months can make a huge difference and you want to stay up to date.


    Module 1: Fan Conversion Funnel

    Learn the details about how to build up your own fanbase to a level where fans support you well enough in order to be able to your daytime job and to live off from music full time.

    Module 2: Artist Vision

    Without a tight artist vision, it‘s close to impossible to survive in sopisticated music business of the 21st century. We teach you how to find your own artist vision, which defines you as an artist.

    Module 3: Social Media Algorithm

    Social Media is your virtual stage and your virtual stage performance aka postings need to be done according to the algorithm preferences, in order to build reach. We teach you how!

    Module 4: Spotify Algorithm

    Spotify being the largest streaming platform in the world has it’s very own hacks on how to beat the algorithm. We teach you all the secrets we learned from promoting 1000+ releases on Spotify.

    Module 5: Online Marketing in Music Business

    Shows, releases or merchandise, all need to get promoted via Social Media Ads. Yet the Facebook Ads Manager can be very tricky. We show you step by step how to book in ads for musicians, so you can do it all on your own.

    Module 6: Music Release Promotion

    In this module we show you all the different things you need to do in order to make your release a success and give you a checklist on hand, which you can follow every time you put out music.

    Module 7: Branding

    Similar to a tight vision, it’s close to impossible to break through as an artist in 2022, without a consistent branding. We show you how it’s done and give you step by step tutorials on how to do it all yourself.

    Module 8: PR & Communication with Labels

    You’re probably complaining about never hearing back from Labels you send your music to. In this module we explain you why labels might not get back to you and what you can improve to change this.

    Module 9: Bookings

    Don’t know how to get booked? Our Agency members do bookings for some of the biggest deejays around the world and show you on real-life examples, how a booking process works and what you can do as a newcomer.

    Module 10: Running a label

    Most successful artists also run their own labels. In this model we teach you, what you need to do in order to set up a label and to start putting out your first releases.

    Module 11: Players in the music industry

    Have you ever wondered what exactly an A&R manager does and how he is linked to a talent buyer? Are you unfamiliar with the job of a product manager or an agent. Worry now longer, in this module we will tell you.

    Module 12: Music Law

    It’s important that you understand some of the basics of music law, when you sign your first contract with a label, manager or booking agency. While we can’t support like a real lawyer, we can still give you some insights on this tricky topic.

    Module 13: Mindset

    While mindset is only indirectly linked to your music career, it is still the biggest driver of your success. With a right mindset and a bit of talent, it is almost certain, that you will break through as an artist. We help you get the right mindset.

    BONUS: Live Recordings from our Weekly Live Calls

    Every week we have 4 live calls with the members of this training where you can ask our experts all the questions you want to know. We record all calls for you to re-watch.

    All the artist management & marketing training is guaranteed to be

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    The Artist Management & Marketing training has delivered life-changing benefits to hundreds of people. And we want to give this benefit to even more artists. That’s why we offer you a FREE consultation session. If you join today, you can get a glimpse of the whole program and connect with likeminded people. This is a ZERO-risk opportunity.


    Do’s & Dont's with Adriana

    1000 True Fans Theory with Gernot

    Branding of Amelie Lens’ Exhale with Mats & Youri from Project Bang

    Who is this course for?

    Newcomer Artists

    If you are looking to get started with your artist project, this is the course for you. You'll get a complete step-by-step system to follow which will set you up for success from day one. No experience is necessary.

    Artists Who Tried & Failed

    If you’re in the game for awhile, but are not making progress, this course is for you. First, our system is proven to work. Second, we give you the exact structure you need to follow so that you know exactly what to do in order to get closer to your break through.

    Artist Managers Wanting to Extend

    Also as an artist manager, who is lacking the knowledge of the music industry, this course is very suitable to learn all the ins and outs of music management. Remember, we use these techniques for our own artists in our management agency.


    Gernot Müller

    Gernot brings more than a full decade of experience to the table here at Voltage Circus. In fact, the company is his creation, stemming from the experience he received working for Armada Music and wanting to create his own music marketing agency with a brand new direction. 

    In the beginning of his career, Gernot was a DJ. He understands the struggle and needs of up-and-coming artists better than anyone, allowing him to imbue his own experience and knowledge into his company's marketing strategies. Eventually, he spent 6 years working for DanceTelevision (formerly DanceTrippin TV), of which he is now a shareholder. And finally, he made his way to Armada Music (Armin van Buuren) where he was responsible for online marketing. 

    During these 15 years working in the music industry, he learned everything he could about marketing for musical talent as well as consulting with international DJs. This passion and drive led him to launching Voltage Circus in 2019.  

    Henrik Koch

    Henrik has also been involved in the music industry for several years. Throughout his career before Voltage Circus, he spent his time managing small, independent artists as well as hosting events in Cologne. On top of this, he studied music business (a crucial skill for the marketing world).

    His skills, knowledge, and expertise make him an invaluable asset to Voltage Circus. We can attribute much of our growth to his collaborative work on the business and management front of our services.

    Adriana Dyakova

    Have booking questions? Adriana has the answers. She is the go-to consultant when artists have booking questions. Though she’s part of the Voltage Circus team, she has her own artist career as well, playing several shows per week in and around Cologne.

    Voltage Circus is always supportive of our employee’s dreams and personal endeavors. Adriana, when she’s not with us, also works as a DJ and hosts her own events in Cologne.

    Ellen Szombathy

    One of our newest members, Ellen, takes the lead when it comes to artist consultations in the areas of Social Media & graphic design. Her fresh ideas and creative mindset keeps us on the cutting edge of what’s possible in music marketing, always keeping her direction unique for every artist.

    She is the graphic designer and video editor for several big artists and events as well as an electronic dance music fanatic. Her passion and vigor drives us forward.



    I’m a complete newcomer artist with no experience, is this course for me?

    Yes, this course is suitable for you. From the basics up until more advanced topics we teach you everything you need to know in order to be on the right path for a successful career.

    I already have a bit of knowledge, is this course right for me?

    Yes, this course is suitable for beginners as well as more advanced musicians. From experience most advanced musicians struggle with topics such as branding, social ads or don’t understand how the algorithm of Instagram or Spotify works.

    Will this course be updated? Do I need to pay for it?

    The course already covers all of the important areas for a successful music career. Especially with social media ads however the market develops fast and content gets outdated quickly. On these topics we update the content regularly and you will ALWAYS be able to view the freshly added content.

    How are you different from other courses?

    Our course is the only music management & marketing course that offers insights into all relevant areas for a successful music career. Additionally all tutors in the course don’t just teach what they learned from books, but actively manage / book some of the biggest deejays in the world and gain their knowledge and experience from working in the field.

    Do you offer real time feedback and support?

    Yes, one part of the course is access to weekly live calls with our experts, where you can ask direct questions or get help on your campaigns if anything isn’t working.

    Can I use this course with two people together with my manager or DJ Partner?

    Yes, if you’re a DJ Team or want to book this course together with your manager just let us know and we will give you access for two accounts. We do however not allow to share one access with several different artists

    How much time should I dedicate to be successful?

    You should dedicate a minimum of 10 hours per week for your artist project.



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